When will my child be accepted?

As soon as there is an opening at your preferred location, our administration will contact you. We will send you a contract with the request to sign and return it to us within seven days. After receiving, you will be invited to our day care at least a month before placement to have an interview and meeting with the tutor(s).

What is the notice period of a contract?
A contract can be terminated on any  day of the month. The termination date is the date that the email was sent or your letter is received, unless a later date is mentioned. Please send us a termination or change request per email. Additional information can be found in the General Conditions of the Branche organisation.

What are the closing dates?
All our locations are only closed on national holidays.

What will happen at the introduction to the children’s day care?
Parents/caregivers will have to consider a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 weeks for the introduction period. The length of time depends on the age and character of your child. Babies keep to their own rhythm and during the introduction period will receive their bottles at their regular times.

What will hapen at the introduction tot he children’s Out of School?

The introduction to Out of school care will be determined by the parents, child and tutors. Depending on the wishes of the parent(s), a short or longer time period will be decided on.

How does Robinson ensure safety for my child?

Robinson pays close attention to the safety of all children submitted for nursery and out of school care. We work with the safety management method (KDV and BSO) of the ‘Stichting Consument en Veiligheid’ (foundation for consumer and safety).

How does Robinson take care of my child’s health?
Your child’s health is guaranteed with the help of the Health management method (KDV and BSO) of the ‘Landelijk Centrum Hygiene en Veiligheid’ (national center for hygiene and safety). At the core of this method are yearly risk inventories for which an action plan is determined accordingly. The results of this research can be viewed at all children’s day care centers. All employees must have knowledge of the risks and their accompanied action plan(s).

Which language will be spoken?
The language employed at our daycare is Dutch.